So, is it really possible to run a car on water? And can the average person build their own hydrogen generator, or electrolyzer and create a combustible fuel know as HHO to increase gas mileage?

Perhaps you have heard of this idea and are a little skeptical…I mean it does sound too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Take some parts you find at the hardware store, put them together and create a burnable gas out of water that increases gas mileage by as much as 50%? On the surface this may sound impossible, but in fact, it is being done right now all over the world in thousands of cars and saving hundreds of gallons of gas.

The government does not want this technology out there and recently sued a maker of these hydrogen generators and LOST! That never happens. It was proven by numerous experts in a court of law that the device works…and you can build your very own version of it for less that $65!

All you need is a good guide, a few parts and a little time on your hands and poof, your very own electrolyzer that takes ordinary tap water and breaks it down into its core elements of hydrogen and oxygen in a form of gas called HHO or Brown’s gas and can them be injected into the fuel stream and drastically increase gas mileage and engine performance.

You still use the gas you always have, just a lot less of it because the HHO you are adding allows for better and more complete combustion so you lose less fuel. Cars have been designed to use only 25% or so of the available energy in a gallon of gas to actually propel your car forward, the rest goes unburned and out your exhaust.

This is why you have a catalytic converter, to burn off all that unburned fuel…what a waste. This is also why it is possible when a president or congress mandates fuel mileage increases in the auto industry it is possible to do so.

Of course you would think auto makers would give us the best mileage cars possible but then we would burn less fuel and that would equal less taxable dollars and less profits for the oil companies…you really can’t argue that fact, can you?

So it makes sense that the FTC would so someone who is selling hydrogen generators to get them off the ,market…what is crazy is that it was proven so overwhelmingly that they DID work that they had to rule against the FTC in a court of law…amazing

Of course a week later they did a report on Dateline saying the device was a scam so I doubt the oil companies or government is going to let this go anytime soon, gas prices are shooting back up and we do need the tax dollars to pay back the national debt, right?

Anyway, the device has been proven to work and it is inexpensive and easy to build yourself so you need to go ahead and get your own pem electrolyzer, or hydrogen generator and start running your car on water today.